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“Saving the life of one child can change the world”
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About Brandon's House

The mission of Brandon’s House is to prevent filicide, child abuse, and neglect through education, child advocacy, and community collaboration.

On October 26, 1997 in San Marcos, California, Susan Armstrong Eubanks, murdered her four beautiful children in cold-blood. Susan was convicted on four counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances and now sits on death row in California State Women’s Prison awaiting execution at San Quentin. The appeals process that leads up to her execution will take approximately 20 years.

Brandon's House is established by Brandon's father and paternal grandmother in the hope, that by sharing Brandon's story, children will be saved. Brandon's House will be a web site aimed at educating the public to the signs and symptoms of potential filicide. Our goal is to educate on the signs of filicide, the theories behind filicide and possible ways to help prevent it. Ways that we can do this, besides using the website, are through literature and public speaking. We feel that there is a definite need for an organization of this kind. Furthermore, God willing, we hope to someday grow into the organization that we once only dreamed about. Brandon's House needs to be a place that children and parents alike can contact and receive the help they need when they find themselves in a situation that could potentially result in abuse and/or death. If just one child can be saved from filicide then Brandon's death, and the death of his brothers, will not have been in vain.

The goal of Brandon’s House is to:

  • Prevent filicide and child abuse through education and prevention programs.
  • Minimize the trauma to child victims.
  • Support families touched by child abuse with a “net” of community agencies.

A note from Sally Armstrong-Brandon's Grandmother (Mamoo)

Thank you for visiting Brandon's House. Brandon was a special child - a special person. I wish that everyone who visits this site could have known him as we did. He touched so many lives in his short 14 years and he continues to touch people's hearts even after his death.

Brandon loved his "little brothers" more than he loved himself. He put himself in harms way to protect, not only his brothers, but his father and his grandparents. Brandon wanted to shield us all from his mother's wrath. There was not one time in his life that he ever put himself before someone else. He loved people and he truly gave of himself to those around him.

It is through Brandon's House that we intend to speak to children and make them aware that they should reach out for help. If their plea falls on deaf ears then go to someone else - until someone listens and someone helps.

It is through Brandon's House that we intend to help parents who feel the only avenue is to harm their child - or take their life. We intend to call enough attention to child abuse and filicide that a parent who finds himself/herself on the brink of harming their child will talk to someone - anyone - just talk and keep talking until someone hears you!

Parents please don't ever say to your child "I brought you into this world and I can take you out!" The more you say it, the more it becomes a possibility in your mind.

We can't bring Brandon, Austin, Reno, or Matthew back. We'll never hear their laugh or feel their kiss on our cheek again. But what we can do is call enough attention to this horrible epidemic in our society - the killing of one's child - that people will think about what they are doing, that spouses, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, and friends will be alert to signs of trouble and seek help before it is too late.

No one should ever have to say "if only I had done something" or "if only I had realized." "If only" is a phrase that haunts the survivor for the rest of his/her life.

Brandon's House
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